Henderson Post Acute Care

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Henderson Post Acute Care

Henderson Post-Acute (HPA) is a new model of Skilled Nursing with post-covid design, state-of-the-art communication, and world class staff.   HPA is located inside UnionVillage, adjacent to Henderson Hospital, the premier hospital in Clark County.  Located on 4.5 acres, this new facility will have 120 beds.

HPA has approached the design of the building as a purpose-driven building.  It looked at several factors, including the facility’s design, location, services offered, and the needs of the community it serves. Here are some of the designed advantages:

  1. Modern Facilities and Infrastructure: HPA will have up-to-date infrastructure, technology, and design features that enhance the overall quality of care. This can include advanced medical equipment, comfortable living spaces, and efficient operational systems. All other skilled nursing facilities in the greater Las Vegas area are pre-covid design.  Historically, skilled nursing was designed with small patient rooms, small dining areas, central air conditioning with inadequate filtration. These design flaws allowed covid type diseases to spread easier and contaminate the weakest in our population.
  2. Improved Care Quality: GOS will have access to the latest medical advancements, best practices, and treatment modalities. This will lead to improved healthcare outcomes and a higher quality of care for residents.
  3. Enhanced Safety Measures: HPOS is often designed with safety in mind, incorporating features like fall prevention measures and advanced fire safety systems. Our building is designed with separate patient room forced air units, keeping each room isolated from the others.  All common areas are specifically filtered to eliminate any airborne viruses.
  4. Increased Capacity: HPA will help address the growing demand for senior care services. Increased capacity can lead to reduced wait times for admission and a broader range of available services.
  5. Specialized Services: HPA will offer specialized services to cater to specific medical conditions or rehabilitation needs, such as post-surgery recovery, stroke rehabilitation, or memory care for patients with dementia.
  6. State-of-the-Art Technology: Advances in medical technology can contribute to better patient care.  HPA will have the latest medical equipment and electronic health record systems, improving communication and information sharing among healthcare providers.  HPA has developed software (Global H.I.E.) that uploads all patient data to the patient’s provider, the hospital, the primary care physician, and the family.
  7. Improved Staffing and Training: HPA will have the opportunity to implement improved staffing models and comprehensive training programs for their healthcare professionals. This can result in a higher level of expertise and patient-centered care.
  8. Comfort and Amenities: HPA will prioritize residents’ comfort by offering amenities such as private rooms, recreational areas, gardens, and common spaces designed to promote social interaction and engagement.
  9. Community Integration: HPA is strategically located to better integrate with the surrounding community, enabling residents to maintain connections with family, friends, and local resources.  HPA is just steps away from Henderson Hospital, which was just named a Top Teaching Hospital nationally by The Leapfrog Group for the second consecutive year; it had previously been named a Top General Hospital in 2018 and 2019
  10. Regulatory Compliance: HPA will be built with adherence to the latest healthcare regulations and standards, which can lead to a smoother accreditation process and fewer compliance issues.
  11. Positive Reputation: HPA will start with a clean slate and build a positive reputation within the community. This can attract more residents, families, and healthcare professionals.
  12. Opportunities for Innovation: HPA will have the advantage of being able to adopt innovative care models, incorporate patient feedback, and experiment with new approaches to resident well-being.

In essence, Henderson Post-Acute presents a transformative model of skilled nursing that encompasses cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and exceptional care, ensuring a holistic and enhanced experience for residents.