As a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) designated regional center, America’s Regional Center, LLC seeks to create jobs in the United States via domestic capital investment opportunities offered to foreign nationals. Through the EB-5 Immigration Investment Program, which was established to offer permanent residence status in the United States of America to foreign investors participating in the EB-5 Program, America’s Regional Center, LLC is able to merge job creation opportunities with foreign capital investment.

America’s Regional Center, LLC was approved by the USCIS on April 29, 2014, and its geographic scope includes Miami-Dade county, Broward county and Palm Beach county in Florida.

America’s Regional Center, LLC ’s target industry economic categories include:

  1. NAICS 2362 Nonresidential Building Construction
  2. NAICS 4232 Furniture and Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers
  3. NAICS 4234 Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  4. NAICS 4236 Household Appliances and Electrical and Electronic Goods Merchant Wholesalers
  5. NAICS 5413 Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
  6. NAICS 71321 Casinos (except Casino Hotels)

While America’s Regional Center, LLC is based in Florida, it has extensive relationships enabling it to create jobs throughout the United States by directly participating in EB-5 regional center opportunities.

America’s Regional Center, LLC是美国公民及移民服务局(USCIS)指定的地区中心,通过向外国人提供美国资本投资机会而创造美国就业职位。EB-5移民投资计划向参与其中的外国投资者提供获取美国永久居民身份的机会。America’s Regional Center, LLC通过该计划结合就业机会创造和外资投资两者。

America’s Regional Center, LLC于2014年4月29日经美国移民局批准成立,其地理范围包括佛罗里达州的迈阿密戴德郡(Miami-Dade County),布罗瓦郡(Broward County),和棕榈滩郡(Palm Beach County)。

America’s Regional Center, LLC的目标行业经济类别包括:

  1. NAICS 2362 非住宅建筑建设
  2. NAICS 4232 家具及家具摆设批发商
  3. NAICS 4234 专业和商业设备用品批发商
  4. NAICS 4236 家用器具和电器及电子商品批发商
  5. NAICS 5413 建筑类、工程类以及相关服务
  6. NAICS 71321 赌场(赌场酒店除外)

虽然America’s Regional Center, LLC的总部设在佛罗里达州,它却有广泛的联系网络,使其能够通过直接参与EB-5地区中心的机会在美国创造就业机会。